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I have found some amazing tops from Lorna Jane. Please check them out below. If anyone has worn Lorna Jane active wear please leave a comment or review below.


Lorna Jane AU/NZ & EU

Activate Active Tank

Activate active tank

Retail Price $69.99

Sizes: XXS XS S M L

Designer Notes: 

This muscle tank is designed with breathable and quick dry fabric, featuring engineered laser cutting for added breathability.

Tech Talk:

  • Designed with our LJ Active™ fabric
  • Four-way stretch
  • Fade resistant
  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Easy care
  • Anti-pill

Features and Benefits:

  • LJ Excel™ fabric allows you to feel fresh throughout with its cooling technology.
  • An ultimate lightweight fabric blend perfect for weights training.
  • Anti- pilling material to ensure a longer lasting wear



Amy Active Tank

Retail Price $55.00

Sizes: XS S M  L.                Amy Active Tank

Designer Notes:

Extra ventilation and a strappy racer back for increased mobility.

Tech Talk:

  • Four-way stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-pilling fabric
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable
  • Easy care fabric

Arabesque Tank

Retail Price $45.99.   Arabesque tank

Sizes: XXS XS S M L XL

Designer Notes:

This lightweight tank is super soft and perfect for in the gym or out side. To keep you cool and looking sylish it has a scooped out back and crossed straps.

Tech Talk:

  • Two-way stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Easy care

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft and lightweight fabric that combines comfort with style from the gym to the street.
  • Relaxed, sleeveless style allows for easy movement without restriction.
  • Easy to care for qualities which means less upkeep and more gym.






Running Health Fitness

How to Enjoy Running

When I run along the beach and listen to music. I have wireless ear buds which make running a lot more fun especially if you have them connected to your activity tracker. I have an apple watch so don’t need to take my phone with me on runs.

Beach RunnerI take my two dogs running. Running along the beach watching the dogs play and run around, watching the waves smashing on the shore and plenty of times I have watched the sun come up. These little things make running a bit more enjoyable.

When you start out running don’t go as fast as you can. Slow down, find a nice easy pace and stick to it. You may even like to start by walking for one minute then running for one minute, each week run a little longer and walk a little less, eventually you will be running all the way.

Before each run it is good to warm up, I usually walk for five minutes then start my run. As you become more accustomed to running you can add a few sprints in your run. Just make the sprints 30 to 40 seconds each, then slow down to an easy jog, alternatively you could run up a hill and jog slowly down. This will also get your heart rate up.

If after a few weeks you are getting a bit bored try changing your route, running with a buddy. Try a new beach or park or different streets. Maybe reward yourself by having coffee with your buddy at the end of your run.

If you hit a day when you don’t want to run you need to do a bit of ‘self talk’, remind yourself how good it feels after you have finished. Tell yourself ‘i always feel so good after a run’, ‘come on lets go’.

Sometimes its worth having a goal or a reason to run other than for health and fitness, Maybe you can train for a 5K run or dedicate your miles to charity.

Health Benefits of Running

Running is a popular form of exercise. It is cheap and can be performed anywhere or at any time of day. About one in five Australians have tried running in their lifetime. Some runners prefer to run in marathons or with clubs.

Regular running offers many health benefits. It helps build strong bones as it is a weight baring exercise. It’s an exercise which helps strengthen muscles and improves cardiovascular fitness. Running burns plenty of calories which helps maintain a healthy weight.

Some things you should take into account for safety and health reasons. Be sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Do not to eat directly before a run. Try not to run during the hottest part of the day in summer. Make sure you drink plenty of water and wear reflective gear if running in the late afternoon or early morning.

Fitness Benefits of RunningDaddy and baby

Cardio or aerobic fitness is the ability for your heart to pump stronger and more efficiently. This will help your muscles use oxygen more efficiently. The aerobically fitter you are the more blood and oxygen your heart will pump and your muscles will use more oxygen.

What ever the reason is that you run is up to you. It can become addictive which can’t be a bad thing. Don’t forget to look after your feet, wear the appropriate shoes and if you get any injuries have them checked by a doctor. Running on hard surfaces with the incorrect shoe wear can cause shin splints, these can be very painful.




Weight Lifting for Weight Loss in Women

Weight training is the most efficient way for women to lose weight. Unlike cardio, which stops burning fat as soon as you finish your run, lifting weights will continue to burn fat long after you finish your work out. The reason for this is weight training builds lean muscles. These lean muscles will get your metabolic rate firing and burn those calories.

Here is what you have to do. Even though you probably don’t like cardio, the best thing to warm up your muscles before you start lifting is 10 to 15 minutes on the treadmill or similar cardio machine. Warming up your muscles is important because it increases your heart rate and helps your neuromuscular system to perform better and your anaerobic system to recover faster. A warm up before a weight lifting session will also enable every muscle fiber to contract with force.

Squats, dead lifts, lunges, hip thrusters, bench press, pull ups and rows are great for fat loss. Involving large muscle groups these exercisers are more beneficial to muscles and hormones than small isolation exercises.

With strength training it is best to lift larger weights with fewer reps and have plenty of recovery time in between reps. How much rest you need between reps is entirely up to the individual. It can depend on your build or how much you are lifting. You need to listen to your body.

How often should you train. Well if you are new to weight lifting, three times per week is fine but for intermediate weight lifters you should be training at least 4 or 5 days a week. You can mix up your training by isolating different muscle groups on each work out day.

The idea is to lift heavy weights. If it feels heavy to you it should be ok. If you can complete a whole set easily then you need to up the weights if you cannot complete a set maybe drop the weight down a bit.


Activity Tracking devices

Fitness trackers are all the rage in 2018. You can track how far you’ve run, how many laps you’ve swum you can even track how well you have slept. Fitness trackers can inspire you to work harder or more often. They can show where you might need improvement and they seem to be able to encourage us to actually get up off the lounge and do something physical.

Apple Watch Series 3

Now this is my favorite.Apple Watch Series 3

With this tracker you are able to answer calls from the water, send or answer text messages.

You can ask Siri any of your question or ask Siri to set a reminder. You don’t need to take your phone with you.

This watch stores 45 million songs with Apple Music.

With different apps you can see how far you run or swim or how hard you have worked out. Your steps are recorded daily. You can set goals by closing all three rings every day or add friends and check each others progress.

Keep tabs on your heart rate while you are resting, walking or working out with the heart rate app.

There are lots of different faces for your watch to customize to your liking. There is so much this watch has to offer.

Garmin Vivosmart HR

Garmin Vivosmart HR

My son has one of these and he loves tracking his steps and checking out the activities he has done.

This activity tracker has a sleek band which makes it comfortable to wear. It is easily visible in daylight. It shows steps, distance traveled, calories, heart rate and floors climbed.

The Vivosmart HR automatically syncs with your smart phone. It alerts you when you have messages. You can turn your music on with this tracker. It has great heart rate tracking technology so you can train without any additional heart rate monitors.

It also tracks the intensity of your run or workout and intensity minutes as well as steps, calories and stairs climbed. This feature enables you to compare your progress to activity recommended by leading health officials.

Garmin Vivosmart HR will sync with IPhone as well as Android. You can save your progress to the free online community. Try to beat yesterdays workout compete with others on the online community. It pushes you a little harder each day by increasing your steps goal

Stay active and connected with Vivosmart HR you will receive notifications and messages from your smart phone with a slight vibration.

vivosmart HR activity tracker syncs automatically with your smartphone during the day saving your stats to the free online community. At Garmin Connect, you can save, plan and share your activity. Connect to MyFitnessPal and link it to your Garmin Connect account to track calories. this way you can compare total calories consumed to calories burned.

vivosmart HR


stats G


The changes in women’s leisure wear through the ages

Sport gearWomen’s sports clothing has changed drastically since the early 1900s. The clothing was not designed for women to do very well. Women wore long dresses with long sleeves and wide brimmed hats to make them look feminine on the court or field, these clothes made movement restrictive and uncomfortable.

Over the years women’s active wear has changed a lot as women have become more active and competitive.

Trousers were not accepted for sport until the mid 30s. It wasn’t until the late 30s that women began to participate in a wide range of sports such as water skiing, golf, running, tennis, fishing, mountaineering, shooting, archery, fencing, skating, riding and cycling.

Slowly sportswear adapted to the needs of the different sports. Women playing tennis wore shorts skirts, golfers wore pleated skirts or culottes. For shooting and fishing women wore pleated skirts or culottes with woolen capes.Calisthetics


Women competed in the 1900 Olympic games for the first time. Female athletes made up about 2% of the athletes competing. Women wore long skirts that covered their ankles. In 1922 Suzanne Lenglen, a French tennis player changed the fashion for women tennis players. She wore a short pleated, sleeveless dress and a bandeau which she wore to see better. A bare head was acceptable by 1930.

In 1932 Alice Marble wore white shorts onto the tennis courts which was a shock to the public. Both outfits were considered outrageous but as time passed by the outfits became accepted.

The clothes women are wearing now are a lot different. They make it easier to play the fast action pact game it has come to today.


It has been said that women involved in the suffragette movement in Britain used the women’s football kit as a way to change the way women dressed.

Women were banned from playing football on FA-affiliated grounds from 1921 to 1971.

In 2014 FIFA officially let players wear head coverings, including hijabs, while playing football. Headscarves had previously been banned saying they put players at risk of head or neck injuries.

Syncronhised Swimming

Syncronhised swimming has not always been showcased as glitzy, where the swimmers wear colorful glittery costumes and waterproof make up. They wore mismatched costumes and no makeup. Today it is important for them to look perfect with perfect suits, hair and makeup.Swim wear


Women wore tailored skirts and blouses for playing golf. It wasn’t until 1910 they were allowed to add expanded pleats to their skirts, although these could not be decorative. These were added to prevent tearing when swinging the golf club.Woman playing golf

Tweed was the fabric of choice as it was durable and stretchy, this fabric made way for the golf sweater. Later women wore shorter skirts and trousers whilst playing golf.


Motorised scooter riders or vespa riders wore jackets and jeans or black stretch pants, suede was also popular. In the late 50s the roll polo neck or cowl jumper became popular.

Horse riding outfits have not changed they still wear the jodhpurs, slim lined jacket and hard hat.


Running gear hasn’t changed drastically since the 60s. A tank top and short shorts was worn by Mary Rand, the first British woman Olympic gold medalist, in 1964. Today the shorts are shorter and tops are smaller.Woman running marathon


Over the years women have become more active in sport so women’s sportswear has had to change with the ages.

In the 50s the rigid sports uniforms were waning. Women were leaning more towards being comfortable, dry or cool, looks were becoming less important.

By the time the 60s came around the clothing was a lot more suited to the sport being played. With the mass market manufacturing happening in the 60s it broke the fashions. Color co ordinations became prevalent in the 60s.

In the seventies women were wearing leotards, tights and headbands during exercise class. The clothing was even more suited to the sport they were participating in.





Womens activewear – Work out in comfort

Active wear is clothing worn while training or exercising, it is worn to be comfortable and safe when you are training. Active wear can be shorts, shirts, leggings, shoes, crop tops, tanks. It depend on what activity you are undertaking. Some activities require a combination, eg. shorts, tank and shoes. Water sports require swim wear. The fabric should be functional and keep the wearer comfortable during exercise. The type of fabric will depend on the intensity of the performance.Women's Running gear



In some situations active wear should be lightweight at other times it needs to be more protective, for example some lightweight will not be beneficial for snow sports. It should be fitting but loose enough so as not to restrict movement. Some sports have a specific uniform, others you can wear anything of comfort. Swimmers now wear costumes to help them be more streamlined in the water. Some sports require compression shorts or tights. Sportswear can also be where sponsors advertise.


The fabric in women active wear should keep the athlete warm in colder sports and cooler when sports are more active. Womens active wear should be made of a fabric which takes the moisture away from the skin to an outer layer of fabric. These are called moisture-wicking fabrics. They move perspiration away from the skin to an outer layer of fabric where it evaporates. This fabric is often lightweight, stretch and soft. It is therefore an excellent fabric for women active wear. Moisture-wicking is when the fabric is saturated by perspiration and lays upon the skin. Drywicking is the latest variation of moisture wicking. Its is two layers of fabric, the layer against the skin moves the perspiration away from the body to the outside layer of skin where it evaporates. This helps the athlete train more efficiently by not being drenched in sweet and also helps with any odors that would normally occur. These fabrics are used to make t shirts, sports bras, tracksuits, socks and cycling shirts.

Suitable fabric active wear


These days we can get shoes for all different types of sports. There now specific shoes for netball, cross training, road running, football boots for hard ground and soft ground. Running styles can vary but the most popular is the heel-toe running style, these are divided into neutral, overpronation and underpronation these shoes are manufactured of rubber and plastic/metal uppers to restrict movement.

Active Wear

Women should feel comfortable in the clothing they are wearing whilst exercising. However, the trend is to wear active gear anywhere and everywhere. Manufacturers are now making active wear suitable for women, previously they adjusted the men’s clothing and made it in female colors such as pink. This has encouraged women to wear, what is now called, athleisure clothing to school the work place and other casual or social gatherings.

Woman playing golf


In conclusion women active wear should be comfortable. It should keep you cooler in warm situations and warm in cooler circumstances. The clothing shouldn’t cause drag or get in the way whether you are at the gym, running a marathon or swimming. Women also like to look good so it is important that these are made properly and fit all sizes.





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I am the mother of four wonderful children. I had my fourth child when I was 42  years old so the old body didn’t bounce back into shape like it did with the other three. I realised after about three years that I would have to do something about it so I joined the local gym.

I met a lot of lovely ladies and really enjoyed it. I started going three days a week but soon added two more days and was going 5 days a week. I did classes for three of the days and some cardio on the other two days.

During the summer months I swam in the local pool on two of the days so cut the gym back to three but I was still doing exercise five days a week. Swimming a 6am is a bit daunting to a few but there is nothing better than swimming along with the sun coming up over one shoulder and the moon going down over the other. Towards the end and the beginning of summer the water was freezing but after two laps the body warms up.

Well I no longer live in that town I have moved about three hours north. The gym is now across the road from where I live. I still try to go five days a week.


I believe everyone can get something out of fitness. Even walking around the block is giving you a cardio work out. The thing is to remember that it has to be regular. You can’t just go for a walk or a ride one day and say “yeah I’ve done my exercise, I should lose weight now”.

There are many different types of exercise you can do, alot even in your own home. There are so many different classes available, depending on where you live. But if you have access to the internetthere are plenty of exercises on line.


I want you to realise that you can do it. Put your mind to it and do it.


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